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Display subversion information when in a subversion repository. Also works for subfolders. For maximum compatibility, make sure your svn executable is up-to-date (when branch or status information is incorrect for example).

Local changes can also be displayed which uses the following syntax:

  • + added
  • ! conflicted
  • - deleted
  • ~ modified
  • > moved

Sample Configuration#

"type": "svn",
"style": "powerline",
"powerline_symbol": "\uE0B0",
"foreground": "#193549",
"background": "#ffeb3b",
"properties": {
"fetch_status": true


Fetching information#

As doing multiple subversion calls can slow down the prompt experience, we do not fetch information by default. You can set the following properties to true to enable fetching additional information (and populate the template).

  • fetch_status: boolean - fetch the local changes - defaults to false

Template (info)#

default template
\ue0a0{{.Branch}} r{{.BaseRev}} {{.Working.String}}


  • .Working: SvnStatus - changes in the worktree (see below)
  • .Branch: string - current branch (releative URL reported by svn info)
  • .BaseRev: int - the currently checked out revision number


  • .Modified: int - number of modified files
  • .Deleted: int - number of deleted files
  • .Added: int - number of added files
  • .Moved: int - number of changed moved files
  • .Conflicted: int - number of changed tracked files with conflicts
  • .Changed: boolean - if the status contains changes or not
  • .HasConflicts: boolean - if the status contains conflicts or not
  • .String: string - a string representation of the changes above