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Shows the tracked time on wakatime of the current day


You must request an API key at the wakatime website. The free tier for is sufficient. You'll find the API key in your profile settings page.

Sample Configuration#

"type": "wakatime",
"style": "powerline",
"powerline_symbol": "\uE0B0",
"foreground": "#ffffff",
"background": "#007acc",
"properties": {
"url": "",
"cache_timeout": 10,
"http_timeout": 500


  • url: string - Your Wakatime summaries URL, including the API key. Example above. You'll know this works if you can curl it yourself and a result. - defaults to ``
  • http_timeout: int - The default timeout for http request is 20ms. If no segment is shown, try increasing this timeout.
  • cache_timeout: int - The default timeout for request caching is 10m. A value of 0 disables the cache.

Template (info)#

default template
{{ secondsRound .CummulativeTotal.Seconds }}


  • .CummulativeTotal: wtTotals - object holding total tracked time values

wtTotals Properties#

  • .Seconds: int - a number reprecenting the total tracked time in seconds
  • .Text: string - a string with human readable tracked time (eg: "2 hrs 30 mins")