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The standard initialization sets Oh My Posh' default theme. This configuration is downloaded and kept up-to-date with Oh My Posh' version every time the shell starts. To change/alter the configuration, you need to add the --config command-line option to change the configuration to use a specific file.

Get inspiration#

The best place to get started is by looking at the themes, as these are predefined configurations to use/alter. To change to for example the jandedobbeleer theme, alter the Oh My Posh init line to the following (assuming you downloaded the configuration file to your user's home folder):

oh-my-posh init pwsh --config ~/.jandedobbeleer.omp.json | Invoke-Expression

Once altered, reload your profile for the changes to take effect.


When using oh-my-posh in Windows and the WSL, know that you can share your theme with the WSL by pointing to a theme in your Windows user's home folder.

Inside the WSL, you can find your Windows user's home folder here: /mnt/c/Users/<WINDOWSUSERNAME>.

remote config

The --config flag can accept either a local filepath or a remotely hosted config file.

For example, the following is a valid --config flag:

--config ''

Export the current theme#

Maybe there's a theme you like, but you don't fancy the colors. Or, maybe there's a segment you want to tweak/add, or replace some of the icons with a different one. Whatever the case, read through available options first, by starting with the configuration guide.

You can export the current theme (default, or set via --config) to the format you like (json or toml) which can be used to tweak and store as your own custom theme.

oh-my-posh config export --output ~/.mytheme.omp.json