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Share theme

You can export your prompt to an image which you can share online. You have the ability to align it correctly and add your name for credits too.


Some glyphs aren't rendered correctly, that's not you but the limitations of the renderer. Depending on your config, you might have to tweak the output a little bit.

The oh-my-posh executable has the config export image command to export your current theme configuration to an image file (.png).

oh-my-posh config export image --cursor-padding 50

There are a couple of additional flags you can use to tweak the image rendering:

  • --cursor-padding: spaces to add after the cursor indication (_)
  • --rprompt-offset: spaces to add before a block that's right aligned
  • --author: the name of the creator, added after
  • --background-color: the hex background color to use (e.g. #222222)

For all options, and additional examples, use oh-my-posh config export image --help