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PowerShell module

Problem statementโ€‹

Traditionally, the module was the only way to install oh-my-posh using Install-Module oh-my-posh. Today, with the shift to the executable version over a year ago, it only acts as a wrapper around the executable, offering no additional functionality. Throughout the year, the following changes have been made:

  • don't ship all binaries in the Module but download on Import-Module
  • move all functionality from the Module to the init script

There's a problem with the Module due to the following:

  • downloading the binary is a problem on company managed computers
  • the module syncs cross device thanks to OneDrive sync, causing versions to be out of sync and configs to break
  • it's impactful having to explain the difference time and time again (for me)

Migration stepsโ€‹

Remove the module's cached filesโ€‹

Remove-Item $env:POSH_PATH -Force -Recurse

If you added custom elements to this location, they will be deleted with the command above. Make sure to move these before running the command.

Install oh-my-poshโ€‹

See your platform's installation guide. The preferred ways are winget and Homebrew.

Uninstall the PowerShell moduleโ€‹

Uninstall-Module oh-my-posh -AllVersions

Delete the import of the PowerShell module in your $PROFILE

Import-Module oh-my-posh

Adjust setting the promptโ€‹

If you're still using Set-PoshPrompt, replace that statement with the following:

I have a custom themeโ€‹

oh-my-posh init pwsh --config ~/.custom.omp.json | Invoke-Expression

And replace ~/.custom.omp.json with the location of your theme.

I have an out-of-the-box themeโ€‹

oh-my-posh init pwsh --config "$env:POSH_THEMES_PATH\jandedobbeleer.omp.json" | Invoke-Expression

Replace jandedobbeleer.omp.json with the theme you use.


Only winget and scoop add the environment variable POSH_THEMES_PATH automatically. For Homebrew, use $(brew --prefix oh-my-posh)/themes/jandedobbeleer.omp.json.