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Open Weather Map


Shows the current weather of a given location with Open Weather Map.


You must request an API key at the Open Weather Map website. The free tier for Current weather and forecasts collection is sufficient.

Sample Configuration#

"type": "owm",
"style": "powerline",
"powerline_symbol": "\uE0B0",
"foreground": "#ffffff",
"background": "#FF0000",
"template": "{{.Weather}} ({{.Temperature}}{{.UnitIcon}})",
"properties": {
"apikey": "<YOUR_API_KEY>",
"location": "AMSTERDAM,NL",
"units": "metric",
"http_timeout": 20,
"cache_timeout": 10


  • apikey: string - Your API key from Open Weather Map
  • location: string - The requested location. Formatted as <City,STATE,COUNTRY_CODE>. City name, state code and country code divided by comma. Please, refer to ISO 3166 for the state codes or country codes - defaults to DE BILT,NL
  • units: string - Units of measurement. Available values are standard (kelvin), metric (celsius), and imperial (fahrenheit) - defaults to standard
  • http_timeout: int - The default timeout for http request is 20ms.
  • cache_timeout: int - The default timeout for request caching is 10m. A value of 0 disables the cache.
  • template: string - A go [text/template][go-text-template] template extended with [sprig][sprig] utilizing the properties below - defaults to {{.Weather}} ({{.Temperature}}{{.UnitIcon}})

Template (info)#

default template
{{ .Weather }} ({{ .Temperature }}{{ .UnitIcon }})


  • .Weather: string - the current weather icon
  • .Temperature: string - the current temperature
  • .UnitIcon: string - the current unit icon(based on units property)
  • .URL: string - the url of the current api call