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Console title

"$schema": "",
"console_title_template": "{{.Folder}}{{if .Root}} :: root{{end}} :: {{.Shell}}",
"blocks": [

Console Title Template#

The following examples illustrate possible contents for console_title_template, provided the current working directory is /usr/home/omp and the shell is zsh.

To learn more about templates and their possibilities, have a look at the template section.

"console_title_template": "{{.Folder}}{{if .Root}} :: root{{end}} :: {{.Shell}}",
// outputs:
// when root == false: omp :: zsh
// when root == true: omp :: root :: zsh
"console_title_template": "{{.Folder}}", // outputs: omp
"console_title_template": "{{.Shell}} in {{.PWD}}", // outputs: zsh in /usr/home/omp
"console_title_template": "{{.UserName}}@{{.HostName}} {{.Shell}} in {{.PWD}}", // outputs: MyUser@MyMachine zsh in /usr/home/omp
"console_title_template": "{{.Env.USERDOMAIN}} {{.Shell}} in {{.PWD}}", // outputs: MyCompany zsh in /usr/home/omp