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Debug prompt


This feature only works in powershell for the time being.

The debug prompt is displayed when you debug a script from the command line or Visual Studio Code. The default is [DBG]: .

You can use go text/template templates extended with sprig to enrich the text. Environment variables are available, just like the console_title_template functionality.


You need to extend or create a custom theme with your debug prompt override. For example:

"$schema": "",
"blocks": [
"debug_prompt": {
"background": "transparent",
"foreground": "#ffffff",
"template": "Debugging "

The configuration has the following properties:

Template (info)#

  • .Root: boolean - is the current user root/admin or not
  • .PWD: string - the current working directory
  • .Folder: string - the current working folder
  • .Shell: string - the current shell name
  • .UserName: string - the current user name
  • .HostName: string - the host name
  • .Env.VarName: string - Any environment variable where VarName is the environment variable name