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Let's take a closer look at what defines a block.

"$schema": "",
"blocks": [
"type": "prompt",
"alignment": "left",
"segments": [
  • type: prompt | rprompt
  • newline: boolean
  • alignment: left | right
  • filler: string
  • segments: array of one or more segments


Tells the engine what to do with the block. There are two options:

  • prompt renders one or more segments
  • rprompt renders one or more segments aligned to the right of the cursor. Only one rprompt block is permitted. Supported on zsh, bash, PowerShell, cmd and fish.


Start the block on a new line - defaults to false.


Tell the engine if the block should be left or right-aligned.


When you want to join a right and left aligned block with a repeated set of characters, add the character(s) to be repeated to this property. Add this property to the right aligned block. This supports the use of color overrides.

"alignment": "right",
"filler": "."


Array of one or more segments.