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Before validating anything, make sure you're on the latest version of Oh my Posh and your terminal and shell are up-to-date.

The prompt is slow (delay in showing the prompt between commands)#

You can use the Write-PoshDebug function to see where Oh my posh spends its time. In case there's no clear culprit (timings indicate everything's OK), chances are some modules are the culprit. We bootstrap afew PowerShell modules to maximise compatibility, but sometimes these can introduce unwanted side-effects.

The modules we support are:

  • posh-git
  • Az.Accounts

Especially the latter can slow things down so the first thing to do is disable that one:


Once added, reload your profile for the changes to take effect.


If nothing seems to resolve the issue, feel free to create an issue.

Windows Terminal: Unexpected space between segments/text#

Windows Terminal has some issues with rendering certain glyphs. These issues are on their backlog. A temporary workaround is to use an invisible character at the end (\u2800).

"type": "executiontime",
/* other attributes here */
"properties": {
"always_enabled": true,
"prefix": "\ufa1e",
"postfix": "\u2800" // invisible spacing character

There are rectangles instead of icons in my prompt#

The font you're using doesn't have the needed standard extended glyph set like Nerd Font does. Windows Terminal ships with Cascadia Code by default which has a powerline patched variant called Cascadia Code PL, but also that one misses certain interesting icons. You can fall back to any theme with the .minimal indication, or make use of a Nerd Font. Have a look at the font senction for more context in case you're using all the right conditions.

Jetbrains terminals: Icons do not rendering#

They need to work on their terminal, somehow it only supports UTF-8 and not UTF-16. An issue is available for follow-up here.

The term 'Set-Theme' is not recognized as the name of a cmdlet, function, script file, or operable program.#

You need to migrate V2 to V3 using the following guide. The quick fix is to replace Set-Theme with Set-PoshPrompt, but it's advised to read the guide.

Strange colouring after exiting VIM or when using the PowerShell progress bootstrap#

This bug is caused by Windows Terminal and/or VIM. There are two issues for this, one at Windows Terminal and one at VIM.