Display the current path.

Sample Configuration#

"type": "path",
"style": "powerline",
"powerline_symbol": "\uE0B0",
"foreground": "#ffffff",
"background": "#61AFEF",
"properties": {
"style": "folder",
"mapped_locations": [
["C:\\temp", "\ue799"]


  • folder_separator_icon: string - the symbol to use as a separator between folders - defaults to platfrom path separator
  • home_icon: string - the icon to display when at $HOME - defaults to ~
  • folder_icon: string - the icon to use as a folder indication - defaults to ..
  • windows_registry_icon: string - the icon to display when in the Windows registry - defaults to \uE0B1
  • style: enum - how to display the current path
  • mapped_locations: map[string]string - custom glyph/text for specific paths (only when mapped_locations_enabled is set to true)
  • mapped_locations_enabled: boolean - replace known locations in the path with the replacements before applying the style. defaults to true
  • enable_hyperlink: boolean - displays an hyperlink for the path - defaults to false
  • mixed_threshold: number - the maximum length of a path segment that will be displayed when using Mixed - defaults to 4


Style sets the way the path is displayed. Based on previous experience and popular themes, there are 5 flavors.

  • agnoster
  • agnoster_full
  • agnoster_short
  • full
  • folder
  • mixed


Renders each folder as the folder_icon separated by the folder_separator_icon. Only the current folder name is displayed at the end, $HOME is replaced by the home_icon if you're inside the $HOME location or one of its children.

Agnoster Full#

Renders each folder name separated by the folder_separator_icon.

Agnoster Short#

When more than 1 level deep, it renders one folder_icon followed by the name of the current folder separated by the folder_separator_icon.


Display $PWD as a string.


Display the name of the current folder.


Works like Agnoster Full, but for any middle folder short enough it will display its name instead. The maximum length for the folders to display is governed by the mixed_threshold property.