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Kubectl Context


Display the currently active Kubernetes context name and namespace name.

Sample Configuration#

"type": "kubectl",
"style": "powerline",
"powerline_symbol": "\uE0B0",
"foreground": "#000000",
"background": "#ebcc34",
"properties": {
"prefix": " \uFD31 ",
"template": "{{.Context}}{{if .Namespace}} :: {{.Namespace}}{{end}}"


  • template: string - A go text/template template extended with sprig utilizing the properties below. Defaults to {{.Context}}{{if .Namespace}} :: {{.Namespace}}{{end}}
  • display_error: boolean - show the error context when failing to retrieve the kubectl information - defaults to false

Template Properties#

  • .Context: string - the current kubectl context
  • .Namespace: string - the current kubectl namespace


It is common for the Kubernetes "default" namespace to be used when no namespace is provided. If you want your prompt to render an empty current namespace using the word "default", you can use something like this for the template:

{{.Context}} :: {{if .Namespace}}{{.Namespace}}{{else}}default{{end}}