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Nerd Fonts#

Oh My Posh was designed to use Nerd Fonts. Nerd Fonts are popular fonts that are patched to include icons. We recommend Meslo LGM NF, but any Nerd Font should be compatible with the standard themes.

To see the icons displayed in Oh My Posh, install a Nerd Font, and configure your terminal to use it.


Download your chosen Nerd Font, and install the font system-wide. See this thread for more context.

Windows Terminal#

Once you have installed a Nerd Font, you will need to configure the Windows Terminal to use it. This can be easily done by modifying the Windows Terminal settings (default shortcut: CTRL + SHIFT + ,). In your settings.json file, add the fontFace attribute under the defaults attribute in profiles:

"fontFace": "MesloLGM NF"

Other Fonts#

If you are not interested in using a Nerd Font, you will want to use a theme which doesn't include any Nerd Font icons. The minimal themes do not make use of Nerd Font icons.

Creating your own theme is always an option too ๐Ÿ˜Š