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Battery displays the remaining power percentage for your battery.

Sample Configuration#

"type": "battery",
"style": "powerline",
"powerline_symbol": "\uE0B0",
"foreground": "#193549",
"background": "#ffeb3b",
"background_templates": [
"{{if eq \"Charging\" .State.String}}#40c4ff{{end}}",
"{{if eq \"Discharging\" .State.String}}#ff5722{{end}}",
"{{if eq \"Full\" .State.String}}#4caf50{{end}}"
"properties": {
"discharging_icon": "\uE231 ",
"charging_icon": "\uE234 ",
"charged_icon": "\uE22F ",
"postfix": "\uF295 ",
"template": "{{ if not .Error }}{{.Icon}}{{.Percentage}}{{ end }}"


  • template: string - A go text/template template extended with sprig utilizing the properties below - defaults to {{.Icon}}{{ if not .Error }}{{.Percentage}}{{ end }}{{.Error}}
  • display_error: boolean - show the error context when failing to retrieve the battery information - defaults to false
  • charging_icon: string - icon to display on the left when charging - defaults to empty
  • discharging_icon: string - icon to display on the left when discharging - defaults to empty
  • charged_icon: string - icon to display on the left when fully charged - defaults to empty

Template Properties#

  • .State: struct - the battery state, has a .String function
  • .Current: float64 - Current (momentary) charge rate (in mW).
  • .Full: float64 - Last known full capacity (in mWh)
  • .Design: float64 - Reported design capacity (in mWh)
  • .ChargeRate: float64 - Current (momentary) charge rate (in mW). It is always non-negative, consult .State field to check whether it means charging or discharging (on some systems this might be always 0 if the battery doesn't support it)
  • .Voltage: float64 - Current voltage (in V)
  • .DesignVoltage: float64 - Design voltage (in V). Some systems (e.g. macOS) do not provide a separate value for this. In such cases, or if getting this fails, but getting Voltage succeeds, this field will have the same value as Voltage, for convenience
  • .Percentage: float64 - the current battery percentage
  • .Error: string - the error in case fetching the battery information failed
  • .Icon: string - the icon based on the battery state