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Azure Subscription


Display the currently active Azure subscription information.


PowerShell offers support for the Az.Accounts module, but it is disabled by default. To enable this, set $env:AZ_ENABLED = $true in your $PROFILE.

Sample Configuration#

"type": "az",
"style": "powerline",
"powerline_symbol": "\uE0B0",
"foreground": "#000000",
"background": "#9ec3f0",
"properties": {
"display_id": true,
"display_name": true,
"info_separator": " @ ",
"prefix": " \uFD03 "


  • template: string - A go text/template template extended with sprig utilizing the properties below. Defaults to {{.Name}}

Template Properties#


When using the PowerShell module, only .EnvironmentName, .ID, .Name and .User.Name are available.

  • .EnvironmentName: string - the account environment name
  • .HomeTenantID: string - the home tenant id
  • .ID: string - the account/subscription id
  • .IsDefault: boolean - is the default account or not
  • .Name: string - the account name
  • .State: string - the account state
  • .TenantID: string - the tenant id
  • .User.Name: string - the user name